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Board of Directors

Board of Directors


The Gatehouse Board of Directors has a general duty to ensure that the Bank conducts its business in accordance with all relevant statutory and regulatory Shariah requirements.

The general duty includes specific responsibilities for ensuring that:

  • The business has an effective system of internal control and management of business risks and is conducted in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority’s principles for business;
  • Adequate records are maintained to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors and the Bank meets regulatory and legislative responsibilities regarding records;
  • A strong capital base is maintained to support the development of the Bank’s business and to meet regulatory capital requirements at all times;
  • The Bank’s Compliance department and internal and external auditors are capable of undertaking their duties;
  • An integrated system of planning and budgeting is in place to ensure that the Bank can efficiently and effectively achieve its strategic objectives;
  • The composition of the Board is reviewed to reflect current and future business requirements.

Gatehouse has chosen its independent non-executive directors on the basis of the experience and skill-set that they contribute to the Board.